Get Involved

Want to get involved with Princeton YDSA? Just sign our petition for fair working conditions at Princeton here and check the box to join our mailing list! You’ll be up-to-date on our meeting times, actions and events, and our GroupMe chat. Contact for any questions.

The bulk of our work comes from the working groups:


We are organizing around resource extraction and public transit. The ultimate goal of the group is to help create a society that prioritizes the health of the planet, indigenous rights, efficient mass transit, and the well-being of all people over profit and corporate interests.

The Ecosocialism WG is currently focused on the University’s financial involvement in lithium extraction at Thacker Pass, as well as education on public mass transit and indigenous rights.


Workers must sell their labor power to survive–it determines our relation to production, and is the primary battleground for improving working class conditions and changing the organization of production. We work to build labor union power as a step toward ownership and democratic control of production by workers and dignifying workers.

The Labor WG is currently focused on supporting campus workers at Princeton facing declining real wages and restrictions to their freedom of expression, as well as striking Starbucks workers.

Political Education

We bring in speakers like Sara Mughal of Starbucks Workers United, Noam Chomsky, and left economists Ellora Derenoncourt, Mark Paul, and Santana Frutuoso. We also support each other through skill sharing, trainings, and internal debates to build organizing power and education.

Interested in attending or having your own education event? Contact to join the GroupMe!